Equine Behaviourist and Trainer

Trudi Dempsey
solving problems
for you and
your horse

We all love the horses in our care, for many of us they are a huge part of our lives. That’s why, when horse behaviour and training problems arise, it can be so upsetting. As a Certified Equine Behaviourist, I have helped lots of people, like you, to overcome problems and emerge with better understanding and communication that results in healthier relationships.

Trudi sitting cross legged

Trudi strives to bring back the joy to equine/human partnerships.

Trudi Dempsey : Equine Behaviourist and Trainer

Trudi’s love affair with horses began as a small child and her work today as an equine behaviourist and trainer aims to recreate those healthy relationships she had with ponies when growing up.

Since then, and using her more than 50 years’ experience of caring for and training horses, Trudi strives to bring back the joy to equine/human partnerships.

Trudi draws on her experience as a classical dressage coach to improve a horse’s physical balance and her knowledge of how horses behave and learning theory to address behaviour and training problems.

Based on the beautiful North Devon coast Trudi makes home visits locally and travels UK wide and internationally to present at conferences, clinics and workshops. She writes for horse and behaviour magazines, guest lectures at universities, mentors and trains equine charity staff and hosts the Lead a Horse to Water podcast. Trudi is honoured to be a member of the IAABC Application Review Committee.

If you’re too distant to meet with Trudi in person she can support you with behaviour consultations and training sessions online as well as distance group coaching through her courses at Understand Horses and via her Positive Horse Club.

As an equine behaviourist, certified by the IAABC (Certified Equine Behaviour Consultant) and accredited by the ABTC (Accredited Animal Behaviourist), Trudi works in a least invasive minimally aversive (LIMA) framework creating comfortable environments for horses to learn in and giving them choice and control during husbandry procedures.

Using a range of training principles that are predominantly positive reinforcement-based, Trudi creates personal plans for individuals and their horses and mentors professionals wanting to adopt these ethical practices.

My Specialities


From a support phone call to a full consultation under veterinary referral, in person or on line. Changing behaviour with personalised plans and ongoing training support.


Considerate training applying the theory of learning to horses. Clicker (R+) training from beginner to advanced


Training without a bit for horses transitioning to bitless up to advanced dressage skills.


Gymnastic dressage in-hand and ridden using classical dressage techniques that are suitable for beginners up to advanced.


Detailed analysis of your training videos via voice over or online meeting. One off assessments or regular training plans.


Equine professionals and students receive support for training and behaviour change. Work through case studies and receive industry advice.