Horse training and behaviour

Trudi Dempsey
solving problems
for you and
your horse

We all love the horses in our care, for many of us they are a huge part of our lives. That’s why, when horse behaviour and training problems arise, it can be so upsetting. I have helped lots of people, like you, to overcome problems and emerge with better understanding and communication that results in healthier relationships.

Trudi sitting cross legged

Trudi Dempsey : Horse Behaviour and Training

An IAABC certified horse behaviour consultant and ABTC Accredited Animal Behaviourist, Trudi has been training clients since the 1990’s. Specialising in classical dressage, Trudi creates programmes of gymnastic training that will refine your horse’s physical and emotional balance both on the ground and ridden.

Trudi uses force free, reward-based training methods following LIMA protocols and is a bitless specialist.
Trudi has been providing video assessment to online students and judging online dressage competitions for over 10 years now- that’s 1000’s of videos reviewed! It is an extremely effective tool allowing Trudi to combine her judge’s, trainer’s and behaviourist’s eye so she can offer you insightful and supportive advice.

As a guest lecturer at UK colleges and provider of courses at Understand Horses, Trudi imparts the science behind the training as well as the practical application of the science to change horse behaviour.

My Specialities


Training without a bit for horses transitioning to bitless up to advanced dressage skills.


Problems loading, picking up hooves, administering wormer and medication, grooming or any other care procedures.


Evidence based, force free training applying the theory of learning to horses. Clicker training from beginner to advanced.


Gymnastic dressage in-hand and ridden using classical dressage techniques that are suitable for beginners up to advanced.


Detailed analysis of your training videos via voice over or online meeting. One off assessments or regular training plans.


Equine professionals and students receive support for training and behaviour change. Work through case studies and receive industry advice.