Practical R+ Training Weekend

with Trudi Dempsey CHBC

Saturday 17th June 2023 9:45 - 16.30 and Sunday 18th June 2023 10.00 - 16.00
Nine Acres Equestrian, Mattishall, Norfolk, NR20 3RJ

An amazing opportunity for hands on experience with an equine learner already trained with R+

Limited places available so book now!

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Learn more about moving from the basic foundations to gymnastic in-hand training and riding (no riding during the course except with your own horse).

Trudi has been using R+ training with equines for over 20 years and loves passing on her skills in a fun and informative way. Trudi’s association with Nine Acres Equestrian began in 2019 when she was invited by Hazel Heaton to host a weekend of workshops. Several visits later Trudi feels very much at home with the ethos of Nine Acres Equestrian and the vision Hazel has for the future.

Very few centres offer students hands on R+ learning with equines so this is a unique opportunity.

  • Preparation for in-hand and ridden work using clicker training
  • Introducing tack
  • Teaching a calm mounting block behaviour
  • Set up perfect learning environments, understand why we need them
  • Desensitising to scary stimuli
  • Introduction to long reining
  • Creating tactile rein cues using R+ based methods

Small class size

Maximum 12 participants throughout the weekend

Numerous Practicals

Practical sessions using Nine Acres equines

Bring your horse

Possibility to bring your own horse (livery payable to Nine Acres)


Great opportunities to collaborate and discuss training with a group of like minded people

Katie L.
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"It’s taken us nearly 2 years to make progress with the spray bottles. 1 weekend and we’re so much closer than we have ever been! Amazing. We learnt lots! Thanks ........
Sally P.
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"The detail in Trudi's teaching is incredible. I gained so much from the practical sessions, thank you.....
Jane A.
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"Seeing the techniques in practice made it so much easier to understand, can't wait to try it with my own horses ....

Only 12 places available so book early and take advantage of the discount rate!

Laughing horse

Lead a horse to water

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