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Over the years, as an equine behaviourist and trainer I have helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals. This is what some of them say.

Trudi is one of the most competent and understanding trainers I have met. She enabled me to get back on my boy (who has been known to be quite 'explosive') after 18 months of being out of work. She gives you confidence and really understands where the horse is at and they recognise her sensitivity. Trudi really 'listens' to the horse and her sessions are always fun. I can't recommend her enough!

Annie Keetch
Training Client
I love having Trudi come to my yard for groundwork sessions with my horses, she really understands how they both are and works accordingly. She is kind and patient and knows exactly what to do so that the horse understands what she has asked! She writes a full report after the sessions which are super helpful in keeping track of progress and she always gives pointers on what to work on.

Chloe Holland
Yard Owner
When I contacted Trudi we were at our wits end with a very difficult pony....Trudi spent time not only observing how we did things and the pony’s reactions but also talking us through what she observed. She very quickly taught my daughter the signed to look for with regards to when is the right time to reward behaviour and when it’s not.....I would highly recommend Trudi to anyone having behaviour problems with their ponies.
Helle Andrews
Equine Behaviourist Client
I have just started some on- line training with Trudi and would thoroughly recommend it, our initial video assessment was brilliant, she knew exactly what i was thinking and feeling with every move. The voice over is amazing,
Lynda Hill
Online Client
Down to earth and explained everything in terms you can understand. Very knowledgeable lady, already can see a difference and I know what to look for from her explanations.
Gill Bridgeman
Equine Behaviourist Client
Thoroughly enjoyed the online course. New to R+, Trudi's course material and approach made the whole experience very reinforcing. I learned a lot in the 8 weeks. No pressure and very supportive of all levels. I highly recommend.
Online Client
I was thrilled to find Trudi as she was happy to help me improve my riding without using a bit... I’ve never had a bit in my horse’s mouth, he's so willing and sensitive I really didn't feel it was necessary.... So massive thank you to Trudi and for the inspiration when I see you riding your horse so beautifully...
Kate Butterworth
Training Client
Well what can I say about Trudi other than she is a real jewel. Having acquired a young horse that is way more complex than my other horses and struggling for 2 1/2 years with really basic elements of training and still not succeeding……. if only I could find someone with experience in this field that 'truly gets it' and totally understands the horses perspective to help me develop a training strategy that works, well Trudi is that find, the improvements in such a short time with her help have been massive
Equine Behaviour Client
As a relatively experienced clicker trainer, Trudi guided me on a journey to really identify and address the holes we had in our foundations. I felt supported throughout this process and we have made great progress in our training because of it -specifically in areas that we had been struggling with since the start of our clicker journey. The constant feedback from Trudi kept me on a really clear path, while allowing me the time to think through and experiment with what works for my horse.
Online Client

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