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If you are lost in the sea of horse training why not step aboard Trudi’s podcast and catch some modern training and behaviour content.

Listen to professionals and enthusiasts from the world of horse training and behaviour as well as associated areas of the equine world.

Trudi welcomes applications from potential guests as well as questions from listeners.

Here are a small selection of the latest episodes but you can follow all episodes on spotify

In Conversation with Dr. Eduardo J. Fernandez

I was thrilled to be able to talk to Dr Eduardo J Fernandez on the podcast. Not only is he an amazing applied behaviour researcher but he is great at putting some of the more technical definitions into easy to understand terminology.

Our discussion centres around training as enrichment but there were also some rabbit holes and side stories that we delved into.

Eduardo J. Fernandez is a Senior Lecturer of Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare in the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences at the University of Adelaide

In Conversation with Heather K. McManamy

In this episode I had a fabulous chat with Heather. We had aimed to look at what draws people to more ‘glamorous’ ‘from different world’ trainers but it turned into a wonderful introspective (well certainly for me, I hope Heather enjoyed it too).

We ask how to be credible.

What are our insecurities

How to collaborate and build connections.

If you are a trainer, a coach, a consultant, a business woman, a horse lover…this one is for you.

All About Cues (part 6)

In this final (for now) episode on cues I look at transferring cues which is great if you want to tidy up your complex cues or change your original cue for something more appropriate.

Please share these short episodes and let me know if you’ve tried any of my suggestions for improving your cues!

All About Cues (part 5)

What to choose as a cue?

Physical, verbal, tactile? What is clear, easy to use, easy to replicate?

Are you quitting on me?

Rebeccah Baylis is one of my fave students, we talk in this episode about a session that felt quite sticky at the start but ended well. Do you know when it might be acceptable to push on a little further? Should we always stop at the first sign of resistance? It’s definitely a training conundrum.

All About Cues Part 4


Knowing what to do to get reinforced- the best friend of stimulus control (part 3) and discriminative stimulus (part 2).

How can you help your horse know what a cue means?

All About Cues Part 3

Stimulus Control- In this third short on my continuing theme of cues I’m looking at how ‘clean’ our cues are. Stimulus control is an essential part of developing cues, it helps us create a clear language that reduces the chances of frustration.

I share the 4 criteria of stimulus control and what we need to consider right from the get go in terms of cues.

All About Cues Part 2

What to do when? Does your horse know? Do you think you know what your cues are? Does your horse agree?

This short episode builds on the previous and looks at the idea of a discriminative stimulus- do you know what your SD is and does your horse agree?

All About Cues Part 1

Part 1 of a deep dive into cues. What’s in a name, why cues why not aids?

summer short 6, Targets

What to do when things go wrong with targets and how to train a follow target, great questions sent in by a listener.

summer short 5, Failure

Failure is scary, so much that we might allow failure to stop us doing what we enjoy (horse training). Be brave, embrace the fear!

summer short 4, Playing with time

Reducing anxiety by playing with the temporal gap (aka what I call temporal tinkering) needs shaping the same as every behaviour. In this summer short I answer a question or two posed by one of my current course students. If you have any questions drop me a message or email trudi@equine.training

Summer Short 3, Labels

Can labels be useful in horse training? Labels are used everywhere in life and often to the detriment of the label wearer. Take a listen to this short episode and drop me a message if you have ideas for future episodes.

Summer Short 2, The Emperor's new clothes

In this, my second Summer Short episode, I consider how we can know if something is awesome or BS and does it matter as long as you and your horse are happy and healthy? Might be a bit controversial but I opened my mouth and out came me! Ideas for other Summer Shorts can be emailed trudi@equine.training

Summer Short 1, The human element

In this, my first Summer Short episode, I look at the human side of the training equation. Training can take it’s toll on both sides of the learning partnership and I often address this for our horse/dog but this time it’s all about the human.

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