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Podcast No.9, Feb 24, 2021

Paterns: Could They Help You Leave Home.

In this episode Sooz Foster (check out previous episodes for her bio) and I dig down into patterns and how they can help us help our horses. Adapted from Leslie McDevitt's pattern games for dogs, these simple devices can ease anxiety for you and your horse especially for horses that struggle to leave home because of separation based anxiety. Join the Creative Patterns for Horses group on FB Apologies for some sound issues from Sooz at the start and interruptions from my dogs- real life problems!

To find out more about patterns.

Find people mentioned in this episode: Sooz Foster and Leslie McDevitt 

Podcast No.8, Feb 6, 2021

Touchy about targets

Touchy about targets? No, really I'm not! I just love good, careful and clean teaching of handheld target behaviours (and all other behaviours of course). Targets are often used to lure forward movement- again I have no issue with this WHEN DONE WELL. Listen while I ramble through my thoughts on the subject and gather your own thoughts too. Who is targeting for? When should handheld target training be part of your plans.

Read my piece on equine training with targets written for the IAABC Journal fall2020.iaabcjournal.org/target-training-for-horses-hit-or-miss/

Podcast No.7, Jan 16, 2021

Changing management systems to support welfare and behaviour change

In this episode, I was joined by Dr Dorothy Heffernan to talk about improving behaviour issues and welfare through changed management and enrichment. This is a topic close to both Dorothy and my hearts but it is an immense subject so do check out the link above to Dorothy's Facebook page, Horse's Under Our Skin, and to the resources she recommended.

Podcast No.6, Dec 12, 2020

Growth mindsets with Andrea Harrison

In this episode I speak to Andrea Harrison about positive equine training and adopting a growth mindset. It's a good one! I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it. Andrea is an educator who is passionate about all species, including horses, dogs and humans! She has taken her positive message to the media many times, including appearances on TV shows, print radio, podcasts and more.

Podcast No.5, Nov 17, 2020

Let's talk cues

Give me a clue! Is that a cue? In this episode Sooz Foster and I dig deep into the topic of cues. What is a cue? When do we introduce a cue? What does a suitable cue look like? Is the environment a cue? And lots more! It's rather a long episode as we begin to unravel our thoughts on cues and it might need a couple of listens. Sooz Foster is a BHS stage 4 senior coach and stable manager she is also a ride with your mind accredited level 1 coach and certified Franklin ball coach and is currently studying behaviour with the Natural Animal Centre.

I mention in the podcast Understand Horses which is a new online equine education platform where you can find my current course on this subject.

Podcast No.4, Oct 20, 2020

Stuck in a training rut- how to get moving

In this episode  I answer a listener's question about how to introduce movement behaviour using reward based training. It's a typical scenario where we have trained a good stand calmly behaviour only to find when we want to introduce movement (walk on) our horse is stuck. I talk through some different. Thank you all for the amazing support and for listening in. Please reinforce me as you see fit by sharing this episode and by getting in touch with any questions, suggestions or just to say you've listened!

Podcast No.3, Sept 25, 2020

A lifetime around horses  and a passion for learning have lead Jenny to study natural horsemanship and most recently positive reinforcement and clicker training.

The Positive Equine Conference 2020: in conversation with Jenny Eichnerr

Jenny has been involved with horses her whole life. She has a BSc in psychology doing her dissertation on foals understanding of human given cues. After graduating from university, Jenny went on to train as a Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Equine Therapist. She also studied Applied Equine Behaviour to instructor level in groundwork and qualified as an Equine Behaviourist having completed the  Natural Animal Centre Equine Behaviour Qualification.

Podcast No.2, Sept 8, 2020

Clicker train your horse

In this episode Sooz Foster and I discuss her crossover from traditional to positive reinforcement trainer and the joy that horses bring us even without the opportunity of riding. We talk about the importance of considering pain and physical issues before putting a training plan in place and Sooz shares her horse, Teddy's, journey. A BHS stage 4 senior coach and stable manager, Sooz is also a ride with your mind accredited level 1 coach and certified Franklin ball coach and is currently studying behaviour with the Natural Animal Centre. She lives and works in North Devon in the South west of England. 

Check out her video of Teddy and the mounting block that we talked about in this episode
Apologies for some slight sound problems from Sooz’s connection.


What My Clients Say

Trudi is one of the most competent and understanding trainers I have met. She enabled me to get back on my boy (who has been known to be quite 'explosive') after 18 months of being out of work. She gives you confidence and really understands where the horse is at and they recognise her sensitivity. Trudi really 'listens' to the horse and her sessions are always fun. I can't recommend her enough!
Annie Keetch
I love having Trudi come to my yard for groundwork sessions with my horses, she really understands how they both are and works accordingly. She is kind and patient and knows exactly what to do so that the horse understands what she has asked! She writes a full report after the sessions which are super helpful in keeping track of progress and she always gives pointers on what to work on.
Chloe Holland
Livery Yard Owner
When I contacted Trudi we were at our wits end with a very difficult pony....Trudi spent time not only observing how we did things and the pony’s reactions but also talking us through what she observed. She very quickly taught my daughter the signed to look for with regards to when is the right time to reward behaviour and when it’s not.....I would highly recommend Trudi to anyone having behaviour problems with their ponies.
Helle Andrews
work with me​